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Hustle Twenty Four Seven | Co-Publisher Robert Zabbia

Many people have asked me, why did you get involved with the Long Island Journal. I feel that it is another way to help a community that has helped me grow over the year. The Real Estate Community has been an integral part of my business for many years, and I am always looking for ways to give back. There is no real voice out there for the stories that the realtors who I know so well have, and a way to highlight all the good that many of them do.

The Long Island Board of Realtors is a great community that I joined just a few years ago. I knew it was out there, but I never joined because I thought it was just for the Realtors to help them with the Multiple Listing Service and to have a voice like so many associations do for their members. A friend of mine suggested that I check it out, and I wish that I did much sooner. The Board of Realtors is a vibrant community that I have become very much a part of, even though I’m not licensed to sell real estate, so I’m not officially a member. 

I jumped in headfirst, got involved with the chapters, and became an Affiliate Member. Since I mainly write home, condo, and landlord insurance, working with the association was a great fit. I got to learn how realtors work and realized how much they are involved with their communities. Realtors are some of the most giving people you can know and are very involved in charities in their communities.  

Helping Realtors was my goal when I joined by providing them help in the closing process when it comes to the various forms of property insurance. There are many insurance agents looking to get referrals from the Realtors, so I make sure that I provide value to them, buy helping them in many ways that don’t involve me selling a policy. We do various things, like performing flood risk analysis, claims reports on homes they are selling or working with their buyers, and consulting with them when the insurance becomes a problem in the sale.