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Long Island Discover | Robert Yeganeh

John Dowling: So this is John Dowling, the publisher of the Long Island Journal, and I’m here with Robert Yeganeh, an entrepreneur and also a real estate professional who is now championing a new woman-owned company called Her’s and Hers as a construction company. Tell us about this new project that you’re facilitating.

Robert Yeganeh: So, John, thanks for having me. After many years of interest in real estate and finally, last four years, putting myself in the middle of doing good for people via the real estate route, we’ve done a tremendous amount of deals where we had to either Lift a home due to Sandy superstorm or start from scratch or renovate interior and exteriors of homes, as well as commercial properties of several types and because of me and my partner’s wives basically sitting on the side watching us, they wanted to help. And so, instead of getting subcontractors to do most of the heavy work, we went out and purchased some much-needed tools and heavy equipment as much as over a million dollars worth of equipment, and tools.  we decided to have a construction company where we could help other women, specifically minority women in the business of renovations and flipping that are now more and more dabbling in this area of business. They’re flipping, they’re doing their own homes, remodeling, and we decided the wives of these two principles can get involved and they could actually do more business just outside of our own world. The main idea came from making our real estate business more vertical and efficient.

John: So you’re using the assets, the bulldozers, heavy excavators, asphalt and concrete equipment that you’re using to renovate your own projects and your own firms, and since they’re now available so that these two young ladies can get involved with bigger construction jobs