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John Dowling: So this is John Dowling, the publisher of the Long Island Journal, and I’m here with Robert Yeganeh, an entrepreneur and also a real estate professional who is now championing a new woman-owned company called Her’s and Hers as a construction company. Tell us about this new project that you’re facilitating.

Robert Yeganeh: So, John, thanks for having me. After many years of interest in real estate and finally, last four years, putting myself in the middle of doing good for people via the real estate route, we’ve done a tremendous amount of deals where we had to either Lift a home due to Sandy superstorm or start from scratch or renovate interior and exteriors of homes, as well as commercial properties of several types and because of me and my partner’s wives basically sitting on the side watching us, they wanted to help. And so, instead of getting subcontractors to do most of the heavy work, we went out and purchased some much-needed tools and heavy equipment as much as over a million dollars worth of equipment, and tools.  we decided to have a construction company where we could help other women, specifically minority women in the business of renovations and flipping that are now more and more dabbling in this area of business. They’re flipping, they’re doing their own homes, remodeling, and we decided the wives of these two principles can get involved and they could actually do more business just outside of our own world. The main idea came from making our real estate business more vertical and efficient.

John: So you’re using the assets, the bulldozers, heavy excavators, asphalt and concrete equipment that you’re using to renovate your own projects and your own firms, and since they’re now available so that these two young ladies can get involved with bigger construction jobs

Robert: We have the staff, we have the knowledge. We have the landscape and a needed network of trusted individuals. And I think this was a great time to give birth to a construction company that can take on bigger projects than what we’re doing now.

John: Now, this is going to be a fully female-owned company, right?, Two trusted ladies, from two different yet ethically sound business backgrounds, both minority females, and they’re calling it “Hers and Hers”?

Robert Yeganeh: Yes Hers and Hers construction LLC.

John:That’s kind of cute. 

Robert: It’s cute. And we’re finalizing the logo now.We are going to have a successful business model and keep these women busy and out of the kitchen.

John: You’re mentoring these young ladies, are you not?

Robert:Of course. You know, all my resources, my partner’s resources, all the marketing that we can get our hands on, individuals like yourself and all the other assets and contacts of 35 years that we have available to us will be used to push this out and try to grow the network.

John: Well, you’re out there networking all the time anyway. 

Robert: That’s my middle name. Yeah, right. Robert Network Yeganeh, 

John: I mean, for the 20 years I know you, Robert, you’re constantly helping entrepreneurs build their brands with your marketing skills and your network.You have a huge network. So I’m not surprised that after being in real estate for so long that you’re segueing from just building your own things to helping these young ladies, you know, expand their business and build on it. Absolutely.

Robert: John, we will discuss Yellowstone sourcing Inc, a company of mine that has been actively working since 2012, consulting and building infrastructure as I phased Love My Shoes retail out.

Since my wife hasn’t really done much since the shoe company, plus the vast energy and intelligence my partner’s wife brings to the table, who now handles our payroll company as well as our rentals business, and since I streamlined all that, now she has the time to participate and make this company just right. Yeah, absolutely. And we have the infrastructure. We have the offices. We have the staff, tools, equipment, shops to process, training manuals, and all. We’re doing what we’re doing very aggressively with a clear 3-5 and 7-year plan. And if these two women can really launch this with our help and support, I think we could do a lot of good and have a real place in the market in Long Island, helping other women minority individuals reach their goals

John: You know Robert, I know that your wife’s a treasure and that she’s really helped you in all of the businesses that you’ve started. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet Sandeep’s wife, but he’s very intelligent, very successful. So I imagine his wife is as well. Tell our readers and the real estate community. What’s your target market is and what kind of projects that they’re looking to facilitate for you.

Robert: Really what is happening a lot now in Long Island real estate with commercial real estate being real stagnant and residential being on the rise, we feel that building from scratch, especially in Suffolk County is a key target. We feel we can do from the foundation up, doing the driveways, doing the pavers in the backyard, the concrete work in commercial revamping that seems to be needed sooner than later. All this stuff is really a way to go and tackle this new thing.

John: So general contracting work, all in all, aspects, not subbing. An opportunity for the big stuff, too. Exactly. Well, listen, I wish both the Hers and Hers partner very good luck. I know anyone who is associated with you will do well. You’re constantly out there and very well respected in many different business communities. And thanks for sharing the story. When are they going to be ready to go? 

Are they ready to go now?

Robert: Well, the company was formed in the middle of last year, 2020, and we are ready to roll with giving bids and estimates and take on the jobs.There is a Sister company RRW construction that has covered almost all aspects of similar nature business, and they will overlook all future projects that come their way.

John: Very well. Look, congratulations on the new effort. And just as an end to this, share with us with the rest of the real estate community, what you’re doing. You’re helping people who are in difficult times and they’re saying that many people could be in difficult times with foreclosures in the coming months, which opens opportunities for others. So what do you do to  help people generally on your end of the real estate deal?

Robert: Well, basically, the consulting that I offer to them, followed by the right people to execute on the consultation, is what I do best.

John: Are we talking cash for keys? Are we talking about people out of no where from people who want to do a flip and they don’t know where to go for the first step? 

Robert: So we offer hard money lending, doing the actual work of the construction or negotiating a mortgage with a bank, getting them a new mortgage.

John: So you’re in there to help anybody. Just bring it on and your partner is a CPA, with wealth of financial knowledge.

Robert:And there’s a lot of experiences here as well.So one partner is a CPA who has tremendous knowledge of the numbers. Right? Another partner is a New York State licensed banker and mortgage broker in the mortgage world. And the resources we have surrounding us is just tremendous.

John:And you’ve helped about 87 families stay in their homes.

Robert: They would have lost their homes, around eighty something, plus homes that we currently manage. And we were able to salvage them and help them stay in the homes, or rebuild and have the pride of accomplishment on all sides..

John: Well, look, this is a great new chapter. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Hers and Hers. And congratulations on facilitating this whole program, and I look forward to hearing more about it in the future.

Robert: Absolutely. Thank you very much.

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