John Dowling Interviews Fine Art Photographer June Pascocello

I have been following june since high school and her work is amazing. Especially her interiors

John: What inspires you as an artist?

June: When I was a child I would see people when they are happy, sad, crying, hugging and I would say that’s a great shot! And that’s how it started. The feeling of everything is alive. I capture the moment and that’s what keeps me going.  Feeling people’s love and emotions as you can see in the people I photograph. It’s all about the moment and that’s when I know I got the shot! My interior work it’s like you are living in it you make it your own.

John: What do you mean by “That’s what keeps me going”?

June: The love of photography “ it’s about them the people it opens my heart to be able to capture their moment.

John: Many would think that you should be in front of your camera as often as you are behind it as you are extraordinarily beautiful. Why not on the other side of the camera?

June: Awww thank you! I was asked many times to model. But never felt it was about me” I wanted to capture the beauty being behind the camera.

John: I felt the same way lol but I caved

June: Haha…..Yes, super handsome you are

John: Very kind words thank you June. When did you know that you would turn photography into a career?

June: Right after my mom passed when I was 21” she always said to me why don’t you do photography “ when you take photos it’s a amazing what you capture. It’s like you feel it , it’s like you are there.

John: I’m sorry to hear that you lost your mom at such a young age what happened?

June: She had thyroid cancer: she had a little lump on her neck 24 years bf she passed and needed to remove it but she didn’t want to leave her kids and left it alone until it 24 years later. She would have still been here if she took care of it then. We were so close I feel her every day. 

John: Wow I’m so sorry. I lost my father to cancer as well. I also feel dad every day. How has that loss changed you and how you approach life?

June: I started meditating right after my mom passed. I needed answers so went to this Ashram in Paris for two months. My mother spoke to me after intense meditation every day. It was an incredible feeling to hear she is ok and happy. Hard to believe but true. She spoke to me” 

So I approach life with an open heart and grateful for all of my experiences . “ love is the answer.

John: How have you found love throughout your life and career?

June: Well had lots of loves and lessons” lol, But at an amazing, loving place in my life now.

John: Chapters of love 

June: Yes…Chapters Of Love. 

John: lessons? What did you learn about love through those lessons?

June: I have no regrets ‘ everything happens for a reason.

John: Have you met your soul mate?

June: Yes! The light of my life”

John:  Ok give us the scoop… who? When? How long?

June: Carole Antouri “ met her through an Ex girlfriend 10 years ago. That’s why I say everything happens for a reason. 

John:  Amen! Does she work in the arts as well?

June: Yes, she’s so talented she does all of my edits . She’s an expert with photoshop. We work together. She also built my website. Does beautiful work.

John: Sweet!

June: And she is my executive producer in all of my photo shoots

John:  You are very lucky! Anyone who is fortunate enough to find love is very lucky.

June Yes , beautiful thing

John: Has it always been women for you ? As romantic partners?

June: No, had a great boyfriend when living in Long Island .

John: And children? Marriages?

June: No children’ never married . Lots of Yorkies 

John: Must love dogs Where do you spend most of your time that’s days?

June: Los Angels and New York. Nothing like New York my home always …

John:  As most creatives, you seem to be very passionate and I’m sure you have a heart of an artist. Most share a deep love for the arts and creating and often the ups and downs that come with obsessively creating. How do your emotions and state of mind play a role in your photography?

June: Peaceful and in the moment.

John: What’s your passion now subject matter wise?

June: I find so much beauty in hands ‘ all ages! I will like to do a photography book on hands. That’s been my passion for a long time and will start the process soon. 

John:  Wow beautiful. I’m shooting an adorable newborn with her mom next week. Mostly macro and abstract. I find babies’ hands and feet to be beautiful as well…. Especially mommies and babies. Where did you learn photography and when would you say you became a fine artist versus a protege?

June: I assisted with Bruce Weber a fashion photographer in the 80s South beach Miami. 

Also worked with Interior photographer Bruce Wolf for 3 years as then went on my own.

John: Yes I am quite a fan of Bruce’s work. One of my mentors Ken Haak had a bit of a rivalry with Bruce I believe.  At times we would process his film at New York Film Works when he shot Kodachrome. What advice would you give to aspiring photographers today?

June: Stay with your passion . Keep going. Don’t stay with one passion . I remember someone saying to me “ you photograph too many different things. Why not explore! I shoot : interiors, portraits , beauty, advertising , sports and so much more.

John: How has Covid affected your business? Any photographers are out of work in New York ?

June: Really amazing ones. Work has stopped for a good 8 months. But starting to see some progress.

John:  Well let’s see what happens but I would love to have you shoot regularly for Model Citizens Magazine and of course real estate and interiors in LA for The Long Island Journal.

June: That sounds great. Work should reboot soon enough. 

John: Well I certainly hope so. Things are going great with Model Citizens Magazine as it is sold out every month. It looks like the Long Island Journal will be as well. Looking forward to sharing your amazing art and your story. 

June: Thank you John great to reconnect and I appreciate the interview and the story. I look forward to getting back to New York and shooting with you.

John: I do as well, My sincere pleasure June. I am a huge fan.

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