A Miracle in the Making Fine Art Digital Photo Exhibition by John Joseph Dowling Jr. Publisher The Long Island Journal

The Long Island Journal is Long Island’s Premiere Real Estate Publication.

The Long Island Journal is a New York Based publishing company focusing on Long Island Real Estate. The long Island Journal shares Long Island’s stories one family, one home, and one community at a time through the eyes of fine artists and photojournalists who are native Long Islander’s who have spent their entire lives on Long Island.

Living in gratitude, paying it forward, and cherishing chapters of love, as a way of life.

The Long Island Journal pays tribute to individuals who have conquered adversity, live in gratitude, and pay it forward as a way of life. John himself wrote a novel from his memoirs Chapters Of Love, and as a result, hundreds of thousands of people were inspired to read his novel online. You can read Chapters Of Love’s original blog posts on ChatpersOfLove.com, listen to the audiobook, or purchase his novel from Amazon.

The Long Island Journal was born from Adversity

The Long Island Journal not only shares stories about other real estate and real estate professionals on Long Island, but they also share opinions on national and international topics and news stories. Only true model citizens can nominate model citizens for featured stories. Nominations need to be seconded by at least two previous featured personalities. This ensures the integrity of The Long Island Journal and the ongoing authenticity of the publication. All of the real estate professionals featured in The Long Island Journal share their stories honestly and the adversity they went through at some point in their lives. From beating cancer to learning how to live again after losing a child, parent, sibling, lover, or friend. All of these stories are inspirational and show how great adversity can and does create a great opportunity to motivate others.

A new distribution model for a new world

The Long Island Journal has a completely new business model for distribution providing compressed copies for its featured real estate professionals and the original fine art photographs and videos to post on social media, email directly, text entire issues, and we post on our own substantial social media sites as well. The fine art original photographs and individual stories of those recognized in each issue can also be printed on museum-quality photographic papers, canvas, and displayed in the “Real World” offices and homes of those who are featured. This allows the subjects to obtain the most value from each month’s issue. (We do the printing for you)

Censorship and manipulation of content by social media sites give rise to The Long Island Journal.

Because of censorship by social media networks, The Long Island Journal has developed this website as a central repository and hub for distribution. Model Citizens Magazine is politically neutral and allows members of any political party to voice their opinion without judgment or censorship. We do not cater to any political party or take contributions from political parties. Our contributor’s opinions and political views are diversified and varied. We are Politically Neutral and focused on solving problems not creating new ones. Healthy debate and opinion editorials area shared no matter what the stance, providing they are looking for ways to find solutions, not just argue constantly.

How is The Long Island Journal Funded?

The Long Island Journal is funded by advertising, donations, and direct contributions by the featured personalities portrayed in the issues themselves. NO-ONE can BUY a nomination and contributions are voluntary but are the foundation as to how The Long Island Journal has become the voice of Long Islanders. To contact us please click here: Info@TheLongIslandJournal.com